Sunday, September 10, 2017

Booking My Trip

Finally I've found time for a great trip!

First two weeks of December.  The plan is that my bf and I will go to China for a few days, and then to Phuket for a week.  We will go from Phuket to KL, maybe through Langkawi and Penang.  The trip will end in Singapore.  We will part ways for a while.  He flies back to China and I head to the US.

I really need some relaxation.  I'm hoping the time in Phuket will allow me to recharge.  I think early December will be before the busy season hits.  Some friends went to Phuket about two years ago and gave it favorable reviews, but it seems really built up to me.  I'm surprised at how many hotels and condos are there.  Even some of the smaller islands (Koh Samui?) have surprising number of hotels.

I lost at least a week of vacation last year -- just left unused.  I cannot do that again.

I'm also facing another big life event.  My bf finishes school and may need to continue his life somewhere else.  Back to China or maybe Toronto?  Not sure yet.  It may mean our relationship ends, and I'm really sad about that possibility.

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  1. Great to know you are back on track in planning your vacation!