Thursday, February 12, 2015


Happiness has been a popular fad for the last few years.  While 50% of happiness is attributed to what's called our "genetic set point," the other 50% is due to our intentional actions and circumstances.  Lots of psychology professors are studying what makes people happy.  Here are a few common themes I've found from reading many of these articles:

1.  Make good friends.  Have a social life.  Join a group.  Connect with others who support you.  Foster close relationships.  Have sex.

2.  Express your thankfulness.  Attitude of gratitude.

3.  Give.  Be charitable.  Practice acts of kindness.  Help others.

4.  Don't chase "stuff."  Stop the hedonic treadmill.  Embrace simplicity.  Be content with what you have.  Declutter.

5.  Don't live your life based on the expectations of others.  Be your own guide.

6.  Self-esteem and happiness are inextricably linked.  Practice compassion.  Accept your authentic self.  Avoid social comparison.

7.  Let the past go.  Live in the present.  Be free of negativity.

8.  Have goals.  Believe you can succeed. Find meaningful work.

9.  Make fitness a priority.  Take care of yourself.  Know when to prioritize yourself.  Get enough sleep.  Take care of your spirit.

10.  Smile.  Laugh.  Take life as a challenge.