Monday, July 7, 2014

I Want My Life Back!

We flipped the switch last on my systems project.  Now we are on a shakedown cruise to fix problems and that will last at least the next two months.

It's been painful.   I worked 27 hours over the weekend before we went live.  Sixteen hours on the Monday before.  Twelve hour days are the norm.  I didn't work over the 4th weekend, but people would have revolted if we asked that.  Aside from chores around the house I had to do, I just watched Game of Thrones episodes and relaxed.  Maybe I'll learn something I can use at work.  I am so tired.  Managing this seven figure IT project will look good on my resume, but do I care?  Don't think I would want to do this again.   

No energy to look for guys or sex.  I just need to get my life back together.