Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Low T

Who hasn't seen at least ten different commercials for "Low T" treatments?  Low testosterone is the latest syndrome that drug companies are eager to "help" us with.  I don't think I ever heard of "Low T" prior to four years ago when the barrage of TV commercials started.

What are the effects of low T?  Fatigue, depression, lack of strength, low sex drive, weight gain or difficulty in losing weight.  These are the primary symptoms.

In doing some reading of postings in the "no fap" community I stumbled upon these articles (one and two).  After seven days of abstinence the testosterone levels of subjects in the study increased by 45.7%.

Higher testosterone levels can reduce social anxiety, alleviate depression, solve fatigue and sexual dysfunction issues, and help with weight loss.  A cure all!

There's no way I would take a testosterone supplement.  If I'm going to increase my testosterone level I would do it naturally.  Here's some methods:
  • 8-9+ hours of sleep a night to produce the next day's necessary testosterone levels
  • Sex, often. Little to no masturbation.
  • Diet: Increased fats & cholesterol intake has been shown to raise testosterone levels
  • Avoid pesticides as they contain estrogen derivates. Eat organic. Wash fruits/vegetables thoroughly.
  • Fitness: Lift. Consider short & heavy sets. Sprints. Intensity.
  • Supplements; Core: Vitamin D3, Fish Oil, Whey Protein. Consider: ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6), Vitamin C, Creatine. Debatable: Testosterone supplement/steroid use are largely up for debate. Consider making a large lifestyle change prior to evaluating alternative help or shortcuts.
  • Limit alcohol intake. Specifically, the hops in beer.
I wish there was an easy way to get testosterone levels measured.  I don't have any other reason to go to the doctor right now.

The symptoms of low T can lead to an unhappy life.  I'm seeking happiness....and looking at many avenues for getting there.  I'm doing some experimentation right now to see the effects of these ideas.  More on that later.  


  1. I suspect "Low-T" to be a made up symptom so drug companies can profit from us guys looking at youth in the rear view mirror. I wouldn't doubt that it exists in a handful of cases, but you're right, no one ever heard of it 5 years ago.

    It's like Geritol telling folks they had "iron poor blood" back in the 50s, only this time the medication is going to be more expensive than a bottle of Geritol.

  2. Those who have low t and are treated for it can tell you that it is no made up syndrome.

    1. I'm not suggesting that Low T is a made up syndrome. I am suggesting that drug companies are trying to convince as many men as possible that they have it, and their motives aren't exactly altruistic.

  3. I think you're smart to be careful about artificially enhancing your level of testosterone, RB. Higher testosterone levels are associated with prostate cancer. If a guy's testosterone level really is low (as Adon suggests), supplementing the level is probably alright.