Monday, November 18, 2013


I am at my target weight.  I'm 5'8" and my target weight is 154.  I am at 156 and stuck there.  Close enough.  Abs not as flat as this guy, but I'm ok with it.

Like many other people, my weight varies.  It's hard to hold my target weight.  Fortunately it's not varying by a huge amount, maybe fifteen pounds (but asymmetric to the upside!). But from my perspective fifteen pounds is fifteen pounds too much.

Now I'm worried about repeating the cycle.  How do I maintain this weight?  At some point I'll encounter a stressful period when I am not able to control my diet or exercise regularly, and be  thrown off track.  Then it's hard to recover.

I have never worked so hard to lose weight as I have the last four months.  I've been at the gym running four miles and doing some lifting several times a week.  I have another exercise routine for home:  Bob Harper Core, pushups, ab workout and pullups.  I've been eating primarily vegetarian with some boneless chicken breast or sometimes pork.  Grilled vegetables all summer.  Yogurt for lunch.  Granola bar for a snack. 

I feel like I may need to be on a diet forever.  Maybe boost my calories a little right now, but not by much.

This time I have included much more weight training in my workouts.  About a month ago I reduced my running to 2.5 miles from four.  I'm just looking to get a little better definition and I don't want to be too thin.  This may be why I can't seem to lose any more weight over the last month -- I might be gaining some muscle mass.

I have no illusion here.  Being in better shape is not going to transform my social life.  However -- it will make me more confident, and it will make me feel better....I already do.


  1. Feeling better about yourself is a great reward for all the hard work. Keep it up!

  2. Congratulations!!!!

    If you ask me (and you didn't), reducing your running time and increasing your weight training is the major reason for your success. A good diet definitely helps but I really do think weight training is the key to weight loss.

    If you continue with your new regimen, your weight should continue to drop. don't worry about adding muscle weight. Adding anything significant is not easy, especially when you're over 40. You have to eat a ton of food and work out like a fiend. Check out the regimen actors use when they take a superhero role. Or even Joseph Gordon Levitt in Don Juan (or whatever that movie is called).

    And yes, confidence is key. That's what matters most.

    You've been trying to hit this goal for a while. You should be very pleased with yourself!

    1. I just want to maintain my weight. Trade fat for muscle, but not lose any more. Get a little bit of definition, if that's possible. Maybe it isn't, but at least I'll get healthier trying.

      Yes, I am pleased!

  3. hello rob, i've just discovered your blog today. i'm very excited about it. everything you write seems to be right on, at least for me. we're the same in many ways. i'm bi, have been married and divorced twice and have four kids. i also just wanna be happy. however i'm 71 years young, so i know it probably will never happen. however, i would like to share more of my story, if you would allow. you sound like the perfect match for me, but we could be internet friends. good luck. bill

    1. Thanks Bill. I'm glad SOMEONE can identify with me. You can always reach me via email.

      "I'm 71 and I know it will probably never happen," Why? It's rarely hopeless. You are unhappy now?