Sunday, October 20, 2013

Do Unto Others.....

I was just reading a post by Cameron about his struggles with dating.  I was reading it and thinking, "I feel the same way and I've had the same experiences."  I've chatted online with guys and learned we had a lot in common...only to have them repeatedly delay and never meet me.  Endless chat and no meeting is so common.  I've also had plenty of dates that went nowhere.

This is what I hate most:  I chat with a guy for a while.  We have things in common and seem to connect.  "Share face pics?"  "Sure," I say.  Then the conversation stops.  I'm so ugly you can't keep talking to me?  You were expecting George Clooney or Brad Pitt? 

When stuff like this happens it hurts.  It's not good for anyone's self-esteem.  However, I know I'm a nice guy and it's their loss.  I do periodically run into guys who like me, but I wish I had a higher batting average.

As much as I don't like being rejected or blown off, when I look at my own behavior I am often doing the same things.  I don't cut people off when they show me a face pic I don't like, but I'll politely exit the conversation.  When a guy messages me and I'm not interested, I usually don't respond.  Often the reason I'm not interested is based on my personal preference and nothing against them.  I prefer guys who are around my height, so when a guy who is 6'4" contacts me I am not interested (btw, I'm 5'8" and wish I was taller).  I also tend to ignore guys with huge cocks - while they look great in porn they are not so practical in real life (and I don't want to have an inferiority complex in bed).  Sometimes I'll look at a face pic and I'm just not interested, it's an emotional gut reaction.  This could be the perfect, nicest guy and I just blew him off.  Maybe I'm my own worst enemy sometimes.  When I do these things it's no big deal, and I'm not recoiling in disgust, it's just that I have this gut reaction that I'm not interested for whatever reason.  This is a problem because I'm not giving some guys a chance and most likely missing out on some good guys.

So when guys blow me off I guess it's my karma.


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  1. I feel your pain... see my post called "being put through the meat Grindr"