Friday, September 27, 2013

What's this About?

This is me:   I'm 48, Caucasian, divorced, two kids, I raised them solo.  I am well educated and have a good job -- I have a very comfortable life, I really don't want for anything.  Oh, and I'm gay....and discreet about it.  I'm INTJ for those familiar with Briggs-Myers.  I think this is a handicap in meeting people and making change, but I need to work through it.

This is my issue:  
  • At a turning point in my life where daily active parenting is no longer required.....more free time for me.
  • Turning 50 in a less than two's totally a depressing thought to me.
  • I feel indifferent about life.  I want to be happy and fulfilled.  I'm not sure what exactly I need to get there.

Purpose of this blog:
  • Help me define what happiness looks like and what I need to do to get there.  I know many other guys feel the same way.
  • Gay culture is youth and looks obsessed.  How do you find happiness as a gay man in middle age?
  • Open an exchange of ideas and thoughts from readers on this topic.
My post are MY opinion.  What I think and what works for me.  Your opinions may be different and I respect that.  Feel free to comment....let's me know someone is reading this and my posts are provoking thought. 

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