Wednesday, May 11, 2016


About 15 months ago Steve and I were sitting in a neighborhood Italian restaurant.  I looked around.  The other tables had 5-6 people, they were all drinking and they were loud.  Everyone was having a good time. 

Then I focused on Steve and I.  Quiet.  We were talking softly and drinking water.  Not the boisterous fun going on at the other tables.

Now I look at Andy and I.  He was so quiet when I first met him.  Now he's come out of his shell, and he's more talkative and funny.  But he's still a quiet nerd.

I've never met such a cuddler as Andy.  He clings to me all night.  It feels great for both of us.  He is so smooth and warm. 

You learn something from every relationship.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Going on Three Months

It's been more than two months.  Haven't jacked off.  Haven't opened a porn site.  Grindr, Jack'd......all deleted.

My bf is at my place five nights a week.  He clings to me all night.  If only he was older....I'd marry him.  You learn something from every relationship....I want an older version of this guy.....when this ends.

His lease is up at the end of the summer.  Maybe he should move in?