Sunday, April 17, 2016

I'm Back....

I'm back.....and with a new bf.

It started March 5.  First an online hello.  Then coffee.   Dinner.  Back to my place where we cuddled naked until morning.

His name is Andy.  He's a grad student in mechanical engineering.  Of course Asian....Chinese in fact.  He's smart, funny and cute.  We spent a weekend in Toronto, and going next weekend again.  In bed he clings to me.....he pulls me as close as he can.  Now going on seven weeks and he's spending 4-5 nights a week at my place.

As with any relationship I'm involved with, there is a problem:  He's 24.

In the beginning we both agreed he age difference was too great and we would just be friends.  But we continued to meet.  We started spending more and more time together.  This feels good to me, and to him also.  One friend told Andy he had the mind of an older man and he wasn't surprised this was happening.  He's not looking for a sugar daddy.....he wouldn't even let me buy him dinner in Toronto.

Next year Andy leaves this city to either begin a PhD program or start working.  I may leave this city as well.  If this relationship goes on for a while is it a problem?  We are discussing expectations as I don't want this to end badly.  Sadly, I realize this must end.  We both need a friend right now, but a long term relationship with me is not the right thing for Andy.  I told him he's a great guy and if he was older I'd marry him.

He's had some bad experiences meeting people, and I haven't met anyone maybe this isn't so bad for a while.