Sunday, November 26, 2017

Count Down

Less than a week to go.  Very early next Saturday morning I am off to Singapore.  Finally.  I've wanted to make this trip for years.  Then I will spend a few days in Phuket.  For the last few days of my trip I'll visit a few major cities in China, finally flying home from Chengdu.

This will be such a complete change of environment that it will disconnect me from my current life and clear my mind.

It's also an investigation trip.  I want to find a hideout in Asia where I can periodically come to disconnect and unwind.  Someplace totally different, but still comfortable.  I'm disappointed that I won't also be able to visit Malaysia, but it would have been too much to cram into this trip.

I'm traveling with my bf.  He really wanted to show me China.  That's why I am spending the second week in China.  How could I turn down a local tour guide?

I haven't taken a real vacation for ever.  So this will be great.