Saturday, July 8, 2017


Andy and I did make it to the Toronto Pride.  Hotels were generally 2-3 times the normal rate, but I lucked out by getting a place in Yorkville with points, so that worked out.  Many people had told me that the Pride Parades had lost their meaning.  Now they are just commercialized events like everything else.  I could see that as the Crest Toothpaste, Capital One, cell phone providers, etc floats went by.  We stood at Bloor and Younge, and watched the parade for three hours. We also went to the Street Fair the night before.  We walked through the Street Fair holding hands.

A large group of old men marching naked through the street?  Was this really necessary?

There were a number of social support and human rights groups marching, and that was great to see.  What's going on in other parts of the world, like Chechyna, is appalling.

We also ran into my friend George there.  He was with four friends.  Two of them spent the day at Steamworks.

It was interesting.  Not sure I'd rush back.